It Only Took A Week, Thank God

It Only Took A Week, Thank God


“It Only Took A Week, Thank God”  Or “How Many Pop Culture References Can I Get In 250 Words Or Less”Or “How Swedish House Mafia Saved My Life (Maybe)”

It’s been exactly one week since my “break” began.  I feel my soul clawing at the inside of my skin, aching to break free from the shell sitting on the couch watching a mid-day marathon of Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset.”  My brain hurts, my back hurts, my butt hurts, and my legs have fallen asleep.  I now understand how people find themselves Facebooking their every moment as if it was the most hilarious/tragic/epic thing “friends” would want to read.  I caught myself watching a Cymbalta commercial this afternoon… “Sunset hurts… Wishes hurt… Hello hurts… Depression hurts…”  And I thought, “Should I Facebook this commercial (assuming I could find the clip on YouTube and paste the link into my Facebook status)?”  Would that be a cry for help?  Yes, no, yes, NO, NO.  Would that just be an indicator to everyone that this was a lazy, wasted day?  Yes, no, YES, YES.  By 2pm, my skin is crawling.  So, I take off my fuzzy, leopard-spotted pajama pants (what am I thinking wearing these on a 76 degree day in the dead of winter?!).  Not enough.  The real cure: House music.  Thank you, Swedish House Mafia, for getting the blood flowing again!  Wish me luck because the next step is to take the energy from dancing in the shower like no one’s watching to actually putting something to paper and making things happen.  Thank God it only took a week to get to this breaking point.  Sloth really does take some work.


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