Press Release: New App Takes Some Pain Out of Injuries and Collisions

Press Release: New App Takes Some Pain Out of Injuries and Collisions

Walter Clark Legal Group Creates Free “Accident Help” App To Prepare People for Unforeseeable

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA — January 23, 2012 — Some smartphone apps exist to entertain while others serve to streamline busy lives and keep us informed.  One such utility app is the free Accident Help app created by Walter Clark Legal Group that recently debuted in the iTunes and Android marketplaces. Not unlike the complimentary cab rides they’ve sponsored on New Year’s Eve, the free Accident Help app was commissioned by the local, prominent personal injury law firm as a resource to effectively equip people in a relevant and easily accessible way for unforeseeable, but not uncommon, circumstances.

In an era when cell phones can serve as virtual personal assistants, Walter Clark Legal Group becomes a Siri of sorts in the event of an accident, vehicular or otherwise, via the Accident Help app by providing all the tools a person would need in such a situation.  The app includes tutorials that help you to know your rights, including an Auto Body Repair Consultant that quickly lists what you need to know before getting your vehicle repaired.  There is also a section of insurance terms that helps you to understand what your insurance does or does not cover, as well as easy-to-follow instructions on how to make and obtain an accident report.

One touch of a finger enables features that integrate with the smartphone, including calling 911.  The app integrates with a smartphone’s own GPS application to locate the nearest hospitals and towing companies.  There is also a button for calling a taxi cab that is linked to a national taxi referral service.  These integrates features make the app especially useful when traveling.

Another feature is its ability to record and save important data within the app so it can be accessed later, if needed.  The in-app Auto Accident Form stores details about the vehicles involved, insurance information, photos, audio recordings of witness testimonies, and even allows you to save your GPS location at the time of the accident.  The app’s Expense Log tracks spending on medical bills and other services and calculates lost wages.

Whether all or just some of the features are utilized, the Accident Help app has a potential usefulness for everyone.  Teens and new drivers who may be unprepared and unfamiliar with what to do after an accident can use the app as a step-by-step guide, using the features as cues for gathering information or taking action.  Adults and experienced drivers will appreciate the app for its convenience and ability to keep important data stored and organized in one accessible place.

To get the free Accident Help app, search for Walter Clark Legal Group Accident Help in the iTunes or Android marketplace.  You can also access the app from the legal group’s website,, and receive a free alcohol breathalyzer.  It’s one more way Walter Clark Legal Group is keeping the community prepared.


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