Press Release: Gameroom Gallery Awarded 2011 Rock-ola Dealer of the Year Award

Press Release: Gameroom Gallery Awarded 2011 Rock-ola Dealer of the Year Award

Philanthropy to national non-profits and diversification credited for success

             Thousand Palms, CA – Michael Lansing, owner of Gameroom Gallery in Thousand Palms, has already noticed a new, powerful trend in this Year of the Dragon – optimism.  Of his clientele, Lansing says that the urge to enjoy themselves never really went away but was dampened while taking care of more basic needs during the lean years of the recession.  With the ascent of the new year, however, Lansing is seeing the resurgence of those urges and the desire to fulfill them for the sake of enjoying quality time with family.  For a business that specializes in entertainment products, like pristine pinball machines and jukeboxes, Lansing implies that it is partly a miracle Gameroom Gallery has made it through to the light at the end of the tunnel.  The recent announcement in January of the bestowal upon Gameroom Gallery of the coveted Rock-ola Dealer Of The Year Award for 2011 for outstanding sales in the United States by the renowned domestic manufacturer of jukeboxes, though, runs counter to Lansing’s modesty, proving it was more than mere luck and more like smarts, hard work, and a bit of philanthrophic heart that has kept Gameroom Gallery in the game.

            According to Lansing, the formula for his success is threefold: word-of-mouth referral business from past and current clients, philanthropic participation, and an online presence.

            “It’s all about customer service,” Lansing explained, “and it’s all about bringing fun things into people’s homes and making sure that whatever we bring in works and is dependable so everybody, the entire family has a good time.”

            In addition to the good times provided by Gameroom Gallery, Michael Lansing Amusements, a sister company, also provides rental of amusement machines, like jukeboxes, pool tables, and toy vending machines to retail businesses, like restaurants, and corporate and special events.  Recently, Gameroom Gallery donated the use of a jukebox to Childhelp USA, a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect, for a 1950s theme party at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort.  One of Gameroom Gallery’s pool tables and donated accessories also went to the brand new USO club at the Palm Springs International Airport.  Donations made out of goodwill have led to long relationships and potential future ones, but for Lansing, he does it because, quite simply, he says, “it’s good to give back.”

            Diversifying his methods of reaching out to a large audience also meant establishing a strong web presence for Gameroom Gallery.  As he sees it, “I still think I’m the best kept secret in this whole valley, partially because of where I’m at, but we’re not a staple. People don’t need us like you need gas, like you need to go to the dry cleaners, like you need to go to certain places.  You don’t need to go to Gameroom Gallery.”  So, Lansing made sure Gameroom Gallery could go to his clientele.  That’s why he created a comprehensive website and credits a tremendous amount of listing on eBay for being a huge help in getting his products out on a national scale.

            Gameroom Gallery is evidence that far-sightedness goes a long way.  Lansing feels positive about the nation’s outlook for 2012.  He remains optimistic about being able to help people find the best ways to relive old memories and create new ones when the urge arises.

 Gameroom Gallery

Gameroom Gallery ( is home to amusements of all kinds for personal entertainment and features some of the most distinguished names in recreational equipment, including pool tables by Olhausen, pinball machines by Stern, state-of-the-art Rock-ola jukeboxes, sports merchandise and memorabilia, and one of the largest supplies of gameroom art in Southern California.  Gameroom Gallery also offers custom design services, complimentary design of home gamerooms, restoration and repair services, and shipping for home delivery from coast to coast.



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