Restaurant Review: LG’s Prime Steakhouse (Palm Springs, CA)

Restaurant Review: LG’s Prime Steakhouse (Palm Springs, CA)

An Unadulterated Bite Like No Other

A lot of the time, it’s the reason for dining out that takes center stage. An anniversary, a birthday, a first date. The food is secondary, serving as an enhancement. It’s rare when you experience the meal as the focal point. When you do, though, it’s incredible. Recently, I had the pleasure of enjoying just such an event at LG’s Prime Steakhouse in Palm Springs. So, I’ll skip all the extra details and just get straight to the good part.

For the first course, we were brought an appetizer sampler of shrimp scampi, baked scallops wrapped with bacon, and, my favorite of the trio, LG’s crab cakes served with honey Dijon mustard sauce. What’s so fantastic about these crab cakes is that I don’t even like crab cakes, but I’d make the exception for these any day. The honey Dijon mustard sauce was the clincher. Another definite favorite at our table was a full helping of their new grilled citrus shrimp, which comes with grilled asparagus and an orange and sweet red chili reduction. (I guess we’re just predictable fans of the sweet and savory persuasion.) LG’s hearty tomato bisque, made with pureed fresh tomato, onion, basil and crème, topped with crème fraiche, is like indulging in a pasta bowl of marinara minus the noodles, with the perfect note of basil at the end of every bite. Served with a piece of garlic butter toast, this satisfying soup completed a filling first course that could have been a meal in itself.

There was no way, however, that we were leaving LG’s without trying their steak. That would be like traveling all the way to Cairo and never visiting the Egyptian Museum. (Yes, I’ve lived to regret that one, and I wasn’t about to let something like that happen again.) So, we ordered a 14 oz. broiled filet mignon to share, cooked medium rare. Before it came out, our server, Troy, gave us a primer on how to receive the steak when it arrived to our table – napkin in front of you to avoid getting splattered by the still-sizzling prime cut; and do not touch the plate, lest you burn your fingers off. The sizzle was quite impressive. Never before have I had a meal whose singular sound was just as enthralling as its taste. The middle was a perfectly pink, tender, melt-in-your-mouth rare that was complemented by the deliciously seasoned, savory outer crust. I’m glad we chose not to order any sides, since it gave us a chance to enjoy every unadulterated bite of steak.

As for the accoutrements to the meal, Troy suggested their most popular wine, something “smooth and easy to drink” – a glass of 2007 Provenance Cabernet Sauvignon. Troy must have read my mind, since Cab is my favorite varietal. It wouldn’t surprise me if Troy is a mind reader, given the way he anticipated our every need before we even voiced them, so we never experienced a lack for anything during dinner. Because it would have been a shame not to top off as awesome a meal as this one with dessert, we felt compelled to have the chocolate chip bunt cake with a scoop of award-winning vanilla ice cream from McConnell’s of Santa Barbara. That was only after some difficult deliberation and salivating over the fresh dessert tray, which included LG’s “Last piece Of Apple Pie” (a pie tin with one slice of apple pie and a generous scoop of McConnell’s vanilla ice cream), a large creamy piece of tiramisu, and a rich pumpkin cheesecake.

I can see why LG’s Prime Steakhouse has garnered so many accolades. Everything about LG’s is award winning – their food, their service, their location. The executive chef, Maura “Mo” Tello, and the general manager, Daniel Phelps, do an excellent job of making sure their customers get the “ultimate steak-eating experience,” as their website promises. Trust me, too, when I say that the settings of the patio seating and indoor dining room provide backdrops that equal the caliber of the food. If it was this great on a Wednesday night, I can’t wait to see what goes on at LG’s on the weekend. Friday night cocktails, anyone?

If You Go –

LG’s Prime Steakhouse

255 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs. 760.416.1779

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(as originally published in The Bottom Line Magazine and at on January 28, 2012 in Volume 31 Issue 11)


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