Supercross 2012 Diary – Anaheim 1

Supercross 2012 Diary – Anaheim 1

The loud revving of motorcycle engines and the powerful smell of exhaust – that’s exactly the kind of intensity that five lucky KQ 95.5 Extreme Winners were a part of this past Saturday at Monster Energy AMA Supercross’ highly-anticipated kick-off event of the 2012 season, Anaheim I.  For a lot of people, this is bigger than the first game of the NFL season.  Riders have been training hard during the off-season and are in peak performance shape.  Fans can’t wait to see what they have to offer, and Anaheim 1 is exactly where they come to see it.

Monster Energy Supercross bars no holds when it comes to showmanship, either.  The pyrotechnics of the opening ceremonies alone are impressive.  The stadium goes dark, and then glowing green lasers pierce through the black as the Monster Energy light show begins.  Every element of the show hereafter builds a crescendo of excitement in the crowd – the billowing towers of flames so high and so huge they warm your face wherever you are in the stadium seating; fireworks; and video montages on the jumbotron of supercross’ finest.  The collective enthusiasm of the crowd finally spills over as each top rider makes their celebrity-style entrance, doing a flashy lap around the track while waving to cheering fans.  And that’s just within the first twenty minutes.

Although empty just three hours before, the stadium is packed by 8:00pm at the start of the first race.  For some riders who get through the evening’s three Supercross Lites Class qualifying races in top positions, it’s their first time ever making it to a main event.  So, as they do their sight lap to check out the track right before the main event, they must be feeling stoked just to have come this far.  The stadium certainly is.  During the entire Supercross Lites Class Main Event, everyone is on their feet, eager to see which riders have the potential to be the next major Supercross Class contenders.

The Supercross Class qualifying races produce battles for first place that provide an emotional rollercoaster ride for everyone in the stands, with riders of the sport’s newer racing teams placing in some of the top positions.  During the sight lap for the qualifying riders of the Supercross Class Main Event, the whole first level of the stadium is on its feet taking photos and video of “the big dogs.”  During the main event itself, the crowd vocalizes every emotion during every battle for first position, every time a man goes down, and every whisper that says the reigning champion is maintaining a distance of at least one whole lap between himself and all of his rivals.

If you’ve never been to a Monster Energy AMA Supercross event, guarantee yourself a good time and head over to  There, you can check out the season schedule and buy tickets, plus watch videos, check out photos, get results of past races, and read rider bios.  You can also keep it locked on KQ 95.5 for a chance to win tickets to the Monster Energy AMA Supercross races in Los Angeles, January 21, 2012, at Dodgers Stadium and Anaheim, February 4, 2012, at Angeles Stadium.

(as originally published on on January 13, 2012)


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